South Australia is experiencing the same rapid growth in Pickleball that is being experienced globally. Developing sustainable affiliations with a range of clubs, venues and other service providers is key to our ability to keep pace with this growth and to meet the increasing demands of both new and experienced players. Affiliation with Pickleball South Australia provides opportunities for organisations with an interest in Pickleball to be part of this growth and provides a number of benefits including access to expertise, an income stream and growth opportunities..

Pickleball South Australia recognises three categories of affiliation:

Affiliated Clubs -  a group of people who share an interest in playing or supporting pickleball and are a not-for-profit incorporated association or club

Affiliated Venues - venues that have the appropriate facilities to provide pickleball playing opportunities but are not developing a pickleball club membership base.

Affiliated Businesses - Private businesses and sole traders providing pickleball playing sessions and/or support services such as coaching services or equipment.

More information on the benefits and requirements involved in affiliating can be found in our Affiliations Policy or by contacting

Application forms for each of the categories are linked below.

Affiliated Club Application

Affiliated Venue Application 

Affiliated Business Application