Whether your interest in pickleball is purely recreational or competitive, membership with Pickleball SA will benefit you. By becoming a member, you are providing essential early financial support that allows the Association to identify new venues, organise more pickleball sessions and attract new players. As pickleball grows in South Australia, you will have more places to play and more players to enjoy playing with. Click the button below to join or renew your membership.

Please note that it you wish to join or renew your membership with one of our clubs, you will need to do so from their own membership page. Click on the Club Name below:

Adelaide Pickleball Club

For Pickleball SA membership please follow the link below

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Pickleball SA Membership Fees

Annual individual membership includes a State fee and a National fee.

Standard Fee = $70 for 12 months from the date of registration.

Senior (65 years and over) and Junior (under 18 years) Fee = $57.50 for 12 months from the date of registration.

Membership entitles players to reduced session playing fees and tournament entry fees at Pickleball SA sessions and events.

Fees pay for the development of pickleball in SA, access to state and national tournaments, and support from Pickleball Australia.

Membership also includes personal accident insurance. As the number of members grows, so will the benefits. 

Please contact if you have specific questions.

Benefits of Pickleball SA Membership

Participating as a Member

Members can participate directly in the operation of Pickleball SA by voting at Annual General Meetings and may nominate for positions on the management committee and sub-committees. There are many opportunities to volunteer to assist with the day-to-day operation of pickleball activities.